Casual Betting Only

When a game is marked “Casual Betting Only”, this simply means it is a game to bet recreationally.  You know what I mean.  You’re sitting around wondering what you’re going to do that night.  You want to watch the game, but are not excited about it, so you sprinkle a little cash on it.  You only bet an amount equal to the entertainment value you’ll get out of watching a game with a little cash wagered, but not enough to be actually upset if you lose.

That is the only reason the Cinci @ Memphis game is mentioned in my Thursday Night Games post.  This is the type of game you stay away from.  Too many question marks surround Cinci’s QB situation which is why the line has jumped.  Memphis could blow them out.  But…  we’ve our own reasons for thinking Cinci will cover.  But I wouldn’t necessarily bet on it.

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