This site is for entertainment purposes only.  Football has become our new national pastime.  Almost every office has a weekly pool and many people enjoy picking the college games too.  This site will provide suggestions on who to pick and other random observations.  We’ll also keep track of how we’re doing.

We’re confident in our ability to pick about 60% of the games correctly over the course of the year.  We look for value picks.  Since there are so many games to follow, we know the temptation to bet them all, but there are few games with great value.  So, we provide different levels of betting so you can add some intrigue to games you might otherwise not watch or just to give you an emotional rooting interest.  We appreciate how gambling can improve the viewing experience.

Load up = almost too good to be true.  On a scale of $1 – $10, this is a $20.  Rarity.

High stakes = very confident.  Great times to catch up if behind on the year.  On a scale of $1 – $10, this is a $10 play.

Solid bet = solid plays.  $5

Casual bet = these happen most often.  Just something to spice things up.  $1.50

Nominal = so bored so I’ll watch this game.  Meh.  $0.50

Have fun and good luck!

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