Sunday (early games)

Line change in early game.

9:30am  Dolphins  +3′   Solid

1pm  Bills  +8  Casual

1pm  Panthers  +9  Casual

1pm  Vikings  -2  Nominal

1pm  Browns  +3′  Solid

1pm  Texans  +3  Casual

4:05pm  Bucs  -3  Casual  (line too good to wait on)

Saturday Football (early games)

We’re shocked the Bears offense gave the ball away four times to the Packers defense.  And shocked the Packers offensive line with four guards playing held up so well.  Weird game.

Here are the early games for today:

Noon  Maryland  +13  Nominal

Noon  Rice  +20  Nominal

3:30pm  Wake Forest  +7′  Nominal

4pm  UConn  +17′  Nominal


Thirsty Thursdays

Zak Prescott looked great Monday night.


8pm  Texas  -4 ‘   Casual


8:25pm  Bears  +7′  High Stakes  (Packers are decimated with injuries.  Top four offensive tackles are out for this game barring a last minute miraculous recovery.  The Packers run defense will depend on Mike Daniels returning which is a game time decision.  It is a rivalry game so the 7’ points would look great even without the additional info.)

Don’t forget to pre game by watching USA in President Cup today!  Cheers!


Saturday late games…

College is a mess.  We’re sticking with our process, but we’re working on future alternatives.  You’ll likely see all college bets come through as nominal ones until we feel comfortable again.

6pm  Georgia State  +1′  Nominal

6pm  Nevada  +29  Nominal

7pm  Bowling Green  +7  Noiminal

7:30pm  Missouri  +18′  Nominal

7:30pm  Florida  -3  Nominal  (TEST:  goes against current system.)

8pm  UTEP  +18  Nominal

10:30pm  UCLA  +7  Nominal  (TEST:  goes against current system.)


Late Friday and Early Saturday Games

We feel great about the NFL, but we’re still figuring out this college game.  For instance, our analysis says West Virginia, but our system says Kansas – so we’re avoiding the game.

Here’s what we have so far.  We’ll post another one tomorrow afternoon for the later games.

Here you go:


10:30pm  Arizona   +4  Nominal


12:20pm  Pitt  +9′  Nominal

3:30pm  Rutgers  +11′  Nominal

3:30pm  North Carolina  +1′  Nominal