Sunday Funday

We didn’t have any good plays. We had two leans and went 1-1, but didn’t feel good enough to share.


Dolphins +14

Panthers +3

Lions +3’

Texans +16

Steelers +4

Colts -2’

Bears +4

Jaguars +3’

Chargers -4’

Redskins +3

Saints +4’

Cowboys +3

Bengals -11

Three team, money line parlay = Bengals, Rams, Bills


Small Saturday Slate – All NFL Sunday

Sorry a Thursday night post didn’t appear. We middled it. We had the Browns -3’ for a pool and Browns -2’ by game time.

Today’s games:

Pitt -3

NC State -3’

Utah -3

This may be the least confident we’ve felt on a Saturday this season.

NFL Games – our comeback story begins

Bengals +6’

Giants +3

Redskins +8

Titans +4’

Dolphins +2’

Patriots -7

Lions +16

Eagles +3

Bears +12

Texans +18

49ers -4

Seahawks + 4’

College games

We were sweating on Thursday night. We had Eagles three ways: +6’, +7, and +7’. Why would they go for a 2pt conversion to cut the lead to 6? If they hadn’t gotten it, we would have lost our minds. 🙂


Ole Miss -2’

Utah Pk

Nevada -14

Early NFL Look

We typically make our plays on Wednesday, but then post on Friday or Saturday. Unfortunately, this led to us switching on two games from our early plays. Hedges. We lost both hedges and won both originals. You received our picks with the two lost hedges. Our sincere apologies. So, we’re posting early to avoid that.

Seahawks +1

Falcons -3

Dolphins +10

Panthers -3’

Redskins +1

Titans -4’

Lions +9

Broncos +1

Packers -3

Texans +9

Raiders -5’

Browns +1’

Cowboys -7’

49ers +5’

Chiefs -3

Colts +7

NFL Sunday -week 4

We confess that we lack confidence this week, which means we should have a successful one.

1pm EST:

Falcons +1’

Bears -3

Titans -6

Browns -1

Dolphins -2’

Cowboys -4

Giants +7

Eagles +7’

Texans +17

4:05pm EST:

Rams -4’

49ers -2

4:25pm EST:

Ravens -1

Steelers +6

8:20pm EST Patriots +7

Three Saturday Plays

Why did we only Lean on Jacksonville? We need to have better faith in ourselves. We said we would only Lean on college games, and then… well, we won.

Saturday’s games:

2:30pm EST Cincinnati -2

7:30pm EST Boston College +15

11:00pm EST Fresno State -10’

Rough NFL Week

The NFL will always give you a rough week or two, and this past Sunday was one for us going 7-8.

Here are our updated rankings:

NFL YTD = 20-16

Lean = 1-0

College YTD = 10-7

Here’s our Thursday night pick which we are relegating to a Lean only. We said going into Week 2 we will pick every NFL game, so we shall. But, our system keeps spitting out the Jaguars and the Jets, which defies all reason. So…

Lean towards Jaguars +7’