NFL – Week 2

College YTD = 8-6

Lean YTD = 1-0

NFL YTD = 4-2


Panthers +3

Texans +13’

Bears -1’

Raiders +6

Dolphins +3’

Colts +3’

49ers -3

Jaguars +6

Jets +6


Vikings +3’

Falcons +12’


Titans +6’

Cowboys +3

8:20pm – Ravens +4

Monday Night, 8:15pm – Lions +11’


College Football

Season to date:

College record = 4-4

NFL = 4-2

We are going to add another category that will be for college games only, and that is leans. That category is for college games that have little TV viewing competition that we do not feel strongly on, but we want to spice up the viewing experience. These picks are not through the system we use for NFL games. These are sourced by other sharks.

Tonight – 9pm Illinois + 7 – Lean


Noon – Army -34’

2pm – Nevada -1’

2:30pm – Notre Dame -7

3:30pm – Iowa/Kent State under 55

4pm – Memphis +3

7:30pm – Penn State -5’

Humility is always just a game away

After starting off our college picks this year 4-1, we dropped our next three in humiliating fashion to now being 4-4 on the year. We’re still 1-0 in the NFL, but as we mentioned before that week 1 is always the most challenging week for us. But, it may not be the most for you. This is the week the public more often wins, so we encourage you to go on your own. But, if you prefer to play our picks, here they are:

1pm Chargers +1

1pm Colts +3

4:25pm Giants +3

4:25pm Saints +3’

Saturday’s Games

Noon Pitt -3

Noon South Carolina -2

4:30pm IA State -4’

7pm NC State -1’

7pm Texas -7

The one we feel the most uncomfortable is IA State. They can never beat Iowa regardless if they are the better team. We didn’t post another game, but we think Washington will cover.

Week 1 recap, NFL primer

Obviously, it will be a difficult cover if your team is -4 in the turnover battle, but West Virginia still had every opportunity to do so. Utah State and Nevada both rolled to straight up wins as road underdogs.

As we draw close to the NFL opener on Thursday night it is important to preface our NFL system is a crapshoot in week 1. If there is a week to ignore us in the NFL, it is week 1.

If you’re still interested, here is our Thursday night opener pick.

Dallas Cowboys +7’

We’ve nothing to back that pick up other than it’s what our system spit out. It makes little sense to us. We know there is too little info put into the system yet. Junk in, junk out. But, we’ll stick with our system anyway.

Good luck!

We’re baaaacck…

We took a hiatus to work on our craft and self-scout. Here’s what we learned. Our college football picks are average at best. So, we’ve shifted our college picks out to those who specialize in them. Those we will list here will be coming from other sources.

However, we picked every NFL regular season game with the spread over the past two seasons and won 61% and 59% respectively. Take that how you will. We do this for fun. A game with a little extra riding on it is more entertaining than the game by itself.

College Football Saturday – 9/4/2021

12:30pm EST – West Virginia -2’

10:30pm EST – Nevada +3

11:00pm EST – Utah St. +18