Saturday Light

Technical error we failed to notice.  We had the Bucs on Thursday from early in the week at +6.  We’re fortunate we didn’t do anything late as that game went out on 5.

College is light this week.

3:30pm  West Virginia  +13  Nominal

7:30pm  Kentucky  -10  Nominal

Monday Mourning

Our hearts and prayers remain with everyone in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Las Vegas.  Tragedies all around.  Makes this all seem trivial.

We do not believe that NFL games are fixed.  At least rarely.  If a game was ever going to be fixed, you’d need a ref and a kicker involved.  We don’t think the Tampa Bay game was fixed.  But…  wow.  Nick Folk missed two FG’s and an XP.  The NYG’s fumbled and lost the ball with barely over three minutes to play while down five points.  Tampa giving up three points then wins by two.  Nuts.

Tonights game…

8:30pm  Redskins  +7   Nominal

Sunday (early games)

Line change in early game.

9:30am  Dolphins  +3′   Solid

1pm  Bills  +8  Casual

1pm  Panthers  +9  Casual

1pm  Vikings  -2  Nominal

1pm  Browns  +3′  Solid

1pm  Texans  +3  Casual

4:05pm  Bucs  -3  Casual  (line too good to wait on)

Saturday Football (early games)

We’re shocked the Bears offense gave the ball away four times to the Packers defense.  And shocked the Packers offensive line with four guards playing held up so well.  Weird game.

Here are the early games for today:

Noon  Maryland  +13  Nominal

Noon  Rice  +20  Nominal

3:30pm  Wake Forest  +7′  Nominal

4pm  UConn  +17′  Nominal