Sunday Funday after 5-0 Saturday!

Give us a little whoop whoop!

We tend to finish strong on the season as betters tend to follow certain narratives which creates value for us.

We went 5-0 yesterday, but we weren’t aggressive with it.  Nor will we be too aggressive today.

1pm  Bears  +1′   Casual  (Not sure how the Bears are an underdog at home against a bad 49ers team.)

1pm  Texans  +7  Casual  (Packers are one of those teams that the betting public always over values.  The Texans defense is solid against the pass.  This will be a dog fight.  Only way Packers cover is a defensive or special teams TD.)

1pm  Jaguars  +3′  Casual  (Broncos traveling east for an early game.)

1pm  Rams  +14   Casual  (Patriots aren’t blowing people away this year.  14 points is a ton.)

4:25pm  Chargers  -3′   Nominal  (System pick.  Not sure about this one.)

8:30pm  Panthers  +7′  Nominal  (Two overrated QBs going head to head.  7 points is a lot.)


Sunday Funday!

We’re abandoning a lot of games today that our system produced.  We just can’t trust these teams.  Browns, Bucs, 49ers, Texans, and Jaguars.

Here is what we’re left with:

1pm  Bears  +6  Solid  (John Howard has become a beast.)

4:25pm  Jets  +8′  Nominal  (Patriots haven’t looked dominant this year.)

4:25pm   Raiders  -3′   Nominal  (Not a system pick.  This is us.)


Rivalry Saturday

Noon   Rutgers  +14   Casual

Noon   Kansas   +26′   Solid

Noon   Illinois   +17   Casual

Noon   Georgia  Tech  +4′   Casual

3:30pm  Iowa State  +7  Solid  (WV’s injuries at RB and too many turnovers hamper a very good WV team.  If WV has healthy RB’s, they are a top 8 team.)

3:30pm   Penn State  -11

3:30pm   SMU  +7   Casual

7pm   UCLA   -3  Casual

9pm   Colorado  State  +11′


Sunday Funday

Short list today.

1pm  Bears  +7  Casual   (Jordan Howard will keep the game close.)

1pm  Jaguars  +7  Nominal  (Backdoor cover.)

4:25pm  Eagles  +7  Casual  (Seahawks still overrated, but rookie QB in Seattle makes us a bit nervous here.)

8:30pm  Redskins  -3  Nominal  (Packers are so difficult to figure out.  Clay Matthews should be back.  Perhaps James Starks gets more carries.   But, Packers are still without the following starters by position:  RB, C, RG, CB, CB, and MLB.)