Saturday’s Slate

Our sincere apologies about the Packers on Thursday night.  Two things occurred we didn’t take into account.  One we feel we should have, the other we couldn’t have.  The first was Davante Adams playing and being as healthy as he was.  Our source indicated it would be likely he wasn’t active, or if so, on nominally.  This was critical as he’s the only Packers receiver that can create separation on his own.  If he starts drawing the opposing team’s best CB, this could change.  The other was Brian Hoyer getting hurt.  Hoyer isn’t great, but the drop off to the third string was the end of the game.

Anyway….  water under the bridge…

Today’s games:

Noon  Rutgers  +18  Casual

Noon  Iowa  +4′  Nominal

Noon  UConn  +4  Nominal

12:30pm  Boston College  -4  Casual

3:30pm  Alabama  -17  Nominal

8pm  Texas Tech  +14  Casual

10:30pm  Nevada  +6′  Casual











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