Sunday Funday

Hungover day is more like it.  Up late watching the fights.

Today’s slate has a lot of nominal bets.

1pm  Titans  +3  Nominal  (If the Packers start running the ball, they’ll cover this.  If they don’t, they’ll lose.)

1pm  Eagles  Pk  Nominal  (Purely a system pick.)

1pm  Vikings  +2  Nominal  (Purely a system pick.)

1pm  Chiefs  +3  Solid   (Panthers just aren’t good.)

4:05pm  Dolphins  +4′  Solid  (Phins running attack wears on you.  This should be a competitive close game.  4 points is a ton.)

4:25pm  Steelers  -2  Nominal  (This will be a fun game to watch.  Steelers should be geared up to play it.)

8:30pm  Seahawks  +7′   Nominal  (The two biggest cheaters go head to head.)



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