Sunday Funday!

The last week of the NFL regular season is always tricky when it comes to gambling.  Much of it comes down to motivation.  We’ve a few teams we like that we believe are motivated and have value in the betting lines.

The public was impressed by the Jets recently and the Jets are motivated to win and get in the playoffs.  But for the Bills who aren’t in the playoffs, knocking the Jets out of the playoffs is a nice consolation prize.

Philadelphia players are likely anxious to show they are a better team without Coach Kelly.  San Diego would like to knock the Broncos down to the 6th seed.

Here are our picks, all moderate wager amounts:

1:00pm    Philadelphia Eagles    +4′

1:00pm    Buffalo Bills    +3

4:25pm    San Diego Chargers    +9

We’ll also suggest a casual parlay on the two one o’clock games.



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