Monday Meanderings

We had a mildly successful weekend.  The public is going to continue to back certain teams and be rewarded for it.  Green Bay is one of those teams.  New England is another.  We’re going to take the approach in the future of “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  We’ll likely only do so casually, even though it goes against our methodology as whole.

Here are our random meanderings…

One of the things that makes college football so great is the chaos.  This week the following rankings lost:  #3, #6, #7, #8, #19, #21, & #23.  Sure, many to other ranked teams, but it is glorious to watch. Other highly ranked teams barely escaped.  Looking at you Michigan State and Oklahoma State.  (Look for both to lose soon in coming week(s).

Notre Dame will still get in the college football playoffs.  Not because they will be deserving, but that they have an easy schedule and will likely only lose one game all year – until the playoffs.  Ohio State was not deserving of being in the playoffs last year.  The best team was frozen out in TCU.

Speaking of TCU, certain teams in the Big XII just match up well against others.  TCU against Texas is an example.  When those match ups occur, blow outs follow.

The SEC’s over-rated-ness is tiring.  If ever there is a season where they may get shut out of a championship opportunity, though, this is it.  One assumes Notre Dame will earn one spot, Ohio State another (Michigan State is overrated), Baylor or TCU a third since it would be nuts for them to get robbed again, then Clemson or Utah.  The ACC is so weak and the Pac 12 is down, so one of those teams needs to run the table.  If either don’t, though, expect the SEC to sneak in.  If Arizona State beats Utah, though, Pac 12 is out as Arizona State lost to Texas A&M week one.  Michigan could play a spoiler in this for the Big Ten, but if they did they would have a chance of sneaking in themselves.  Sounds nuts, right?  But Ohio State lost at home last year to a deplorable VA Tech in somehow got in over a TCU squad who barely lost to a one loss Baylor.  That was nuts!

We said last week we’ve been underestimating the Arizona Cardinals, but went against them again and finally won.

The Denver Broncos defense is going to have to carry them all season.  They’ll definitely make the playoffs, but does anyone see them beating the NFL’s best teams?

Green Bay finally gets by two teams that have haunted them in recent years – Seattle and San Francisco.  Green Bay’s defense looks very solid.  They won’t see an elite QB though until Dallas in week 13.  Yes, we just said Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, and Peyton Manning are not elite.

Colin Kaepernick is horrible.  He has always been horrible.  You make him a white QB who wears Christianity on his arm and he’s out of the league.  You make him a conservative black and he’ll be relegated to third string.

The new extra point rule is killing kickers.  Not only are kickers missing those, but now some can’t make a kick to save their lives.  An erosion of confidence.

Cincinnati and New England will be vying for the AFC Championship.  Potential spoiler will be a late surging Pittsburgh Steelers.

Atlanta and Green Bay will be vying for the NFC Championship, but the NFC has more teams that could play potential spoiler – including a late surging Dallas Cowboys.

Monday Night Football:

Detroit +9′


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