Saturday’s Slate

Listen, we’ve a lot going on so we don’t have time for commentary, but we’re providing our picks.  Pay attention to them.

Florida International +7  casual

UConn -3  casual

Rutgers +14 casual

Colorado State +17 casual

UTEP  +11′ casual

Marshall +28 casual

UCLA  +3′  casual




Sunday Funday!

The Big XII had some bad luck yesterday.  Oklahoma State had a BS untamed down ran against them that shouldn’t have occurred and gave up a game-winning/losing hail Mary and lateral to Central Michigan.  Then TCU stormed back against Arkansas and scored a nail in the coffin TD in the final minute to have it called back by a controversial call saying the WR who had been forced out of bounds by the defender by an inch had gone out on his own making him ineligible to touch the pass first.  They then had a game winning chip shot FG kicked too low and blocked.  TCU went on to lose in OT.  Once teams think the game is over and shut it down, it’s difficult to get that edge back.

We did well only because we loaded up on Vanderbilt.  That -3 line was so good I thought something might be up, but the public actually was going way in on MTSU.  Crazy!  Here’s where we’re at on the year.

Summary – for description see the About link at the top of the screen.

  • Load up            1-0
  • High stakes    0-0
  • Solid bets        2-2
  • Casual bets     7-9
  • Nominal bets 0-1
  • Overall bets    10-12
  • +$24.1

Best thing about our system is it allows you to have fun even when you lose a majority of games (which won’t be a year long thing) as long as you win the big ones (which will be a year long thing).


1pm  NY Jets  +1′  Casual

1pm  Jaguars  +6  High stakes

4:05pm  Dolphins  +10′  Casual

4:25pm  Cowboys  +1  Nominal

8:30pm  Patriots  +7′  Solid

Sunday Funday!

Yesterday was a fun introduction to football.  Great games with some big plays.  That Oklahoma – Houston game was shaping up to be one of the best games of all time, but the officials blew three huge calls all in Houston’s favor.  That tarnishes it a bit for us.  You know there will always be blown calls, you just hope they balance out or don’t impact the game too much.  But sometimes they do.  Anyways…  after our picks yesterday, here is where we stand for the season.

Season Stats

  • High stakes    0-0
  • Solid bets        1-0
  • Casual bets     3-3
  • Nominal bets 0-1
  • Overall bets    4-4

Based on our money scale, it equates to +$4 (includes juice deductions).

Don’t forget tonight’s game.   We casually got in on Texas at +4, but most places are at +3′ right now.  This game is weird to us.  We only shading the public.  It seems ND should be favored by more even though it is in Austin.  The value would seem to be on ND’s side and the public agrees.  But, how often is the public right?  So we’re going by way of Texas.

Also, a Monday preview.  Ole Miss +5′ – casual.


Sunday  7:30pm  Texas  +4  casual.

Monday 8:00pm  Ole Miss  +5′  casual.

Saturday’s Slate

Season Stats

  • High stakes    0-0
  • Solid bets        0-0
  • Casual bets     1-0
  • Nominal bets 0-1
  • Overall bets    1-1

The biggest bets you win are the losses you didn’t play.  🙂

Early in the season we’ll have few games we feel strongly about.  There are too many unknowns.  Looking at tomorrow, here is where we’re at:

Noon   Bowling Green   +28  Casual Bet Only

3:30pm  Kent State  +22′  Casual Bet Only

3:30pm  Wisconsin  +11′  Solid

5:30pm  UNC  +3 ‘ Casual

8:00pm  New Mexico State  +9’  Casual Bet Only

9:00pm  Auburn  +9  Casual Bet Only


7:30pm  Texas  +4  Casual Bet Only


Thursday’s Shame. Friday Fun.

We’re ashamed we missed tonight’s games.  We’re out of sync during the beginning of the season and didn’t adapt well.  We try to wait until game day since things can change so rapidly.

As we write this, our leanings look good.  Casual only as we normally are early in the year, but frustrating since we missed out on our own end let alone what we would have suggested to you.  Our sincere apologies.

With 12 minutes to go Vandi is up by 10.  All we can say is only 9% of the betting public went with Vandi yet the line kept going against them.  That means the high rollers went the way of Vandi and we go the way of the high rollers.  Who knows where the game ends up, but we would have gone casually with Vandi -5.

We were leaning Florida International, but that line went weird.  Indiana jumped to -10 with a  majority of bets, but only 57%.  We’re not sure where we would have ended up here, but we’re guessing an initial casual bet would have dipped to a nominal one for Florida International.

We were leaning Oregon State too.  We feel sick to our stomachs.

Live and learn.

So we jump ahead to tomorrow now.  Earlier than we like….

Friday 9pm EST  Kansas State +15  Casual bet only


Saturday’s Slate

Noon    Maryland    +3

Noon    Army    +5

Noon    West Virginia    -27′

Noon    Virginia    +4′

1:00pm    Miami (OH)    +10

2:30pm    FL Int    +17

3:30pm    Clemson    -29

3:30pm    Ohio State    -13

3:30pm    Southern Cal    +4

3:30pm    Utah    -15

4:00pm    Auburn    -34

6:00pm    Oregon State    +15

7:00pm    Miss St    +5

7:00pm    Tulsa    +17

7:30pm    Charlotte    +24′

7:30pm    Baylor    +1

8:00pm    Tulane    +3

10:30pm    UNLV    +16

11:00pm    Hawaii    +10



Saturday’s Slate

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in France.

Here’s Saturday’s picks.

Noon    Illinois    +17

Noon    Georgia    +1

Noon    Tulane    +3

Noon    Kansas    +45

2:00pm    Texas San Antonio    -4

3:30pm    Miami Florida    +13

3:30pm    Rice    +7′

7:00pm    UNLV     +7′

7:00pm    South Florida    +3

10:30pm    Oregon State    +21′

10:30pm    Wyoming    +24′

Saturday’s Slate

We had SMU last night and looked good until the final three minutes.  Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Today’s games:

Noon    FL Atl    +24′

Noon    UNC    -7

Noon    Vanderbilt    +21

12:30pm    Boston College    +4

2:30pm    Miami (OH)    -4′

3:00pm    Colorado St.    -10

3:30pm    New Mexico    +16

3:30pm    Arizona St    +3

3:30pm     Army    +17

3:30pm    Ole Miss    -10

4:00pm    Tulane    +6

4:00pm    UConn – Tulane over 47

6:00pm    Hawaii    +10

7:00pm    Nebraska    +6′

7:00pm    Iowa St.    +25′

7:00pm    Texas San Antonio    -8′

7:30pm    Utah – Washington over 44

10:30pm    Cal money line +150 (casual bet only)

10:30pm    Cal – Oregon under 75 (casual bet only)

The last game is only added for the late nighters who want something to do.