Sunday Funday!

Yesterday was a fun introduction to football.  Great games with some big plays.  That Oklahoma – Houston game was shaping up to be one of the best games of all time, but the officials blew three huge calls all in Houston’s favor.  That tarnishes it a bit for us.  You know there will always be blown calls, you just hope they balance out or don’t impact the game too much.  But sometimes they do.  Anyways…  after our picks yesterday, here is where we stand for the season.

Season Stats

  • High stakes    0-0
  • Solid bets        1-0
  • Casual bets     3-3
  • Nominal bets 0-1
  • Overall bets    4-4

Based on our money scale, it equates to +$4 (includes juice deductions).

Don’t forget tonight’s game.   We casually got in on Texas at +4, but most places are at +3′ right now.  This game is weird to us.  We only shading the public.  It seems ND should be favored by more even though it is in Austin.  The value would seem to be on ND’s side and the public agrees.  But, how often is the public right?  So we’re going by way of Texas.

Also, a Monday preview.  Ole Miss +5′ – casual.


Sunday  7:30pm  Texas  +4  casual.

Monday 8:00pm  Ole Miss  +5′  casual.


Texas Fans On Suicide Watch

Along with those who bet on them.  Two weeks in a row Texas loses in preposterous fashion.  Last week Texas missed an extra point that would have tied the game and likely sent it to overtime.  This week their punter has a perfect snap go through his hands to set Oklahoma State up for the winning field goal in the final minute of the game.

Of course, this was after a strange series of events where Texas’ defense was stymying OK State until Texas was called for a mysterious defensive holding call on a one yard run by OK State.  Coach Strong complained about the apparently horrendous call and was called for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct.  This set OK State up for a score.