NFL Pool Picks

This is the week Vegas may take a bath.  There are non-sensical lines all over the place.  This is the week the betters likely clean house.

But, as you know, that isn’t the way we roll.

Here are our pool picks, with only mild confidence.

New Orleans   +3′

Cleveland    +4′

Buffalo  +1

Kansas City   +3′

Jacksonville    Pick

Detroit    -3

Washington    +5′

Pittsburgh    +3

Miami    +2′

Carolina    +7

San Diego   +10

Baltimore    -2′

Indianapolis    +7

Philadelphia    -4

We also question when we pick against New England and Green Bay.  The lines for Atlanta and Cinci seem too good to be true.  But, we will stand by our picks for.  We don’t blame you if you don’t.

Remember though, things may change by the time betting times actually come around.


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