Monday Meanderings

First, people want to know our overall record thus far.  Remember we break picks down into categories of pool picks, regular picks, and casual picks.  Here we go:

NFL Pool Picks with spread equals 17 – 11

NFL Regular Picks with spread equals 13 – 11

NFL Casual Picks with spread equals 2 – 3

College Regular Picks with spread equals 20 – 15

College Casual Picks equals 3 – 0

We dug a hole our first week out, but quickly dug out of it.  Over the course of the year we feel confident we’ll correctly pick over 60% of our games.

Now for our Monday Meanderings….

This week’s college ranked teams to fall were #10, #13, #17, #19, & #23.  Oklahoma State would have been another if West Virginia had a QB.  Look for a change in West Virginia from Skyler Howard to William Crest after their game at Baylor this week. The reason is they then have a bye before traveling to TCU for a nationally televised game on a Thursday night.

We correctly forecasted that Texas would spoil someone’s season this year.  This is a team that has been underperforming, but has the talent to turn it around.  They could wreck the entire Big XII’s chances for a national championship, though we don’t believe that will happen.

Michigan State continues to get by, but it is only a matter of time before they take a fall.  We expect them to lose at least two games the remainder of the year.

Look for Michigan to be this year’s Ohio State.  The only difference being last year Ohio State lost to a horrible team yet somehow were still given an opportunity to get in the playoffs over more worthy teams while this year Michigan lost to a solid Utah squad.

Our college playoff predictions this year for now are:  Michigan, Notre Dame, TCU & Alabama.  Potential replacements are Ohio State, Baylor, Utah, and Clemson.

Aaron Rodgers is human!  Three turnovers?!  Yet they still won by 14 points.  The Packers defense is for real and has depth.

If you had jumped off the Eagles bandwagon after a couple weeks this season, don’t think about jumping back on.  They beat up on a bad Saints squad.  The Eagles aren’t as bad as they looked all year, but they are not as good as they looked yesterday. Stay away.

It appears the football gods are still not done punishing the Seahawks for their improbable comeback last year against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.  Not only did they have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory in the Super Bowl, but then yesterday lost a 17 point lead to Cincinnati to lose again.  Packers fans smile.

The Redskins have a solid defense.  Sad they choose to play the “safe” QB in Cousins who is simply too limited to take them where they want to go.  RG3 may have a lower floor than Cousins, but he also has a higher ceiling.  The NFL isn’t the place to allow fear to drive your decisions.  Go with the higher ceiling player and see what happens.

We simply can not believe the Lions are winless.  This team has too much talent to be winless.  We won’t be shocked if they rebound to 8 – 8.

Poor Derek Carr was betrayed.  He had the Raiders poised for the upset against the Broncos with a late game drive into Broncos territory where he threaded the needle between two open Raiders receivers running crossing patterns.  Unfortunately neither receiver was looking for the pas and it went right in-between the two into the hands of a Broncos defender who intercepted the pass.

You can’t stop Josh McCown, you can only hope to contain him.   Just kidding.  But for fantasy players, he is an okay QB playing for a bad defensive team.  He may put up monster stats all year.

Monday Night Football

Take the under 46.

If you want to be able to root for one team, then a casual play only here – San Diego -3′


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