Sunday Funday!

We took it on the chin yesterday and blame ourselves for backing off some of our games.  There were four other games we had listed on our pre game sheet and reduced the number to ten (excluding the casual play).  No sense arbitrarily reducing it to ten. The ones we backed off on were winners.  Lesson learned – play ’em all.

Which puts us in a quandary today since we’ve a feeling this could be a big week for the public.  But, we won on Thursday backing a Saints team that had little hope.  So…..  for today:

1:00PM EST Games

Cleveland    +4′

Buffalo    +3′

Kansas City    +4

Jacksonville    -2

Chicago    +4

Chi/Det Under 44′

Washington    +7

Pittsburgh    +4′

Pitt/Ariz Under 45′

Miami    +1′

4:05 – 4:25PM EST Games

Carolina    +7

San Diego    +10′  (casual play only)

SD/GD Under 51′

8:25PM EST Game

Indianapolis    +10′    (casual play only)

NE/Ind Under 54′


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