Monday Meanderings

What constitutes a catch in the NFL?  That TD “catch” by Golden Tate was bogus.  If I were a Bears fan, I would have lost my mind.

Speaking of losing my mind…  I’m not a Colts fan whatsoever, but that fake punt was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.  It was an insult to the game of football and I did lose my mind.  We still covered, though….  (wink)

How about that implosion by the Michigan punter?  First he drops the snap and then instead of falling on the ball he decides to pitch it perfectly to hit a Michigan State defender in stride racing for the winning touchdown.  I don’t think he could have set it up better if he tried.  We can still see Michigan beating Ohio State.  Michigan State is well coached, but not that good.  So Big Ten could have some challenges get into the Playoff.  Of course, an overrated Iowa team taking its lumps to Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game will conveniently take care of that.  Ohio State will make the playoffs.

In today’s college football, to see a game end 9-6 is unheard of.  Georgia – Missouri somehow pulled that off.

Seahawks can’t seem to hold onto victories any more.  Two straight weeks they’ve allowed a team to come back to beat them. They may not make the playoffs this season.

We still like Pittsburgh as the team most likely to ruin the Patriots’ season come playoff time.

The Packers need to figure out how to move the ball with all their wide receiver injuries.  Eddie Lacy must be playing on a still injured ankle because he can’t seem to do anything.  Bye week came at right time for them.

Jay Gruden defends Cousins for stat lines similar to those of RG3 that make Gruden publicly trash him.  If RG3 weren’t a black conservative, there would be howls of racism.  The ‘skins need to give up on Cousins.

Now that Miami is back to running the ball, look for them to be competitive again.

EJ Manuel  didn’t look bad.

Monday Night Football

The Giants getting 4 points seems like the obvious play.  So of course we’ll go the opposite.

Philadelphia  -4 and Under 51


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