Saturday’s Slate

None of these at this time are aggressive plays, but neither are they casual.

Noon    Iowa State    +37′

Noon    Central Florida    +22

1:00pm    Kent State    +14′

1:00pm    Tulane    +24

3:00pm    UMass    +14′

3:30pm    Eastern Mich    +28

3:30pm    Maryland    +7

4:00pm    Vanderbilt    +3

4:00pm    Hawaii    +7

4:30pm    UConn    +13

6:00pm    Florida Intl    +14

7:00pm    Ole Miss    -5

7:00pm    Georgia Tech    +7

7:00pm    UTEP    +5′

7:00pm    San Jose    +7′

7:30pm    Miss St    -11′

7:30pm    USC    -3

10:15pm    Wyoming    +35

We’re keeping an eye on the Stanford and Rutgers.


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