NFL Playoffs! Divisional Round

These are four interesting games to watch!  Three exciting games capped off with an interesting game injuries galore.

Today you have the hot team Kansas City going into the cold team New England.  The Patriots have Brady which automatically goes in their favor.  The Chiefs blasted the Patriots last time they came into Foxboro.  A cold Packers team blasted a hot Redskins team just last week, so that weights on bettors minds as well.  But, the Redskins were weak.  The Patriots have injuries, though.

We think this is a good game and five points is probably right where the line should be.  However, we won’t be shocked if the Chiefs win the game outright.  So we’ll take the Chiefs.

Saturday  4:35pm  Kansas City Chiefs    +5   (moderate to casual bet)

The Cardinals blew out the Packers just  a few weeks ago.  But that helps give the Packers players a chip on their shoulder.  You can’t rely on the Cards getting two defensive TD’s again this week.  The Packers offensive line is as healthy as it has been since mid-season and much healthier than it was in the last meeting.  The Packers defense is better than people realize making the seven point spread quite attractive.

Saturday  8:15pm    Green Bay Packers    +7′    (moderate to casual bet)

Seattle had to travel cross country twice in the last eight days (three times in last ten days).  The kickoff is early.  Seattle is everyone’s darling right now.  People are dismissing the Vikings performance due to the weather.  Panthers are still undervalued.

Sunday  1:05pm    Carolina Panthers    -2′    (moderate to casual bet)

The Steelers limp into Denver.  Peyton Manning gives the Broncos a coach on the field.  Big Ben always plays electric when injured.  The Steelers have resolve.  This is a tough game to pick.  But it is the playoffs in the divisional round and a team called the Steelers is getting 7′ points.  How do you not take that?

Sunday  4:40pm    Pittsburgh Steelers    +7′    (moderate to casual bet)

We say moderate to casual on all of these because during the regular season we would tend to go casual on these because there would be other games to play.  But with just these we like to have a little more action going.  Just play what you’re comfortable with and have fun.

Good luck!


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