Saturday’s Slate

We had SMU last night and looked good until the final three minutes.  Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Today’s games:

Noon    FL Atl    +24′

Noon    UNC    -7

Noon    Vanderbilt    +21

12:30pm    Boston College    +4

2:30pm    Miami (OH)    -4′

3:00pm    Colorado St.    -10

3:30pm    New Mexico    +16

3:30pm    Arizona St    +3

3:30pm     Army    +17

3:30pm    Ole Miss    -10

4:00pm    Tulane    +6

4:00pm    UConn – Tulane over 47

6:00pm    Hawaii    +10

7:00pm    Nebraska    +6′

7:00pm    Iowa St.    +25′

7:00pm    Texas San Antonio    -8′

7:30pm    Utah – Washington over 44

10:30pm    Cal money line +150 (casual bet only)

10:30pm    Cal – Oregon under 75 (casual bet only)

The last game is only added for the late nighters who want something to do.

Monday Meanderings

The public did well on Saturday.  Not so much on Sunday.

Did you know Memphis has a tougher schedule than Iowa?

Remember when Urban Meyer said he would have kicked Jameis Winston off the team if he were at Florida State at the time of his illegal activity?  Yep, about that…

TCU will win it all.

Temple is a good team, but ND is overrated.

Did the New Orleans Saints and NY Giants join the Big XII?  Scoring like that sure seemed like it.

Green Bay ran into a buzz saw Sunday Night at Denver.  You could see it coming, but then GB had some key defensive injuries early on too.

All year we’ve felt that NFC was the better conference, but not any more.

Appears 49ers are sticking by Kap.  They just traded Vernon Davis to Denver.

The Lions have quit on their coach.

Monday Night Football

Colts +5′  (Casual play only).  You can play the under 46 casually as well.

Saturday’s Slate

Noon    Old Dominion    +25

Noon     Illinois    +6

Noon    Central Florida    +26′

Noon    South Florida    +7

3:00pm    Cal    +4′

3:00pm    Colorado    +23

3:30pm    UNLV    +20′

3:30pm    Florida Atlantic    +3

3:30pm    NC State    +11

3:30pm    Troy    +24

3:30pm    Kansas    +40

3:30pm    UNC Charlotte    +17′

3:30pm    Maryland    +18

3:30pm    Colorado State    +3′

3:30pm    Georgia   +3

7:00pm    Vanderbilt    +10

7:30pm    Kentucky    +9

8:00pm    Temple    +11

Thirsty Thursday! NFL Pool and Thursday night games!

We were going to take the dogs in the college games, but the lines have dropped although we know the public has sided with the favorites.  If we had gotten in earlier, we would have.

We’re still going to throw a bit at Eastern Michigan +19 and Texas State +21.

NFL Pool Picks

Miami    +9   (Bet this now)

Kansas City -4

Minnesota   +1

Tampa Bay    +7

NY Giants    +3

St. Louis    -8

Cleveland    +5′

Pittsburgh    -1′

San Diego    +3

Houston    -3′

Oakland    +3

Dallas    +6

Denver    +2′

Indianapolis    +7

Monday Meanderings

Wow did we take it on the chin yesterday!  Ouch!  There are about three times a year when the house gets slaughtered by the public.  We thought it would be last week, but it ended up being this week.  That is why you play for fun and not to make a living.  It is also the beauty of having a system.  No overthinking or overreacting.  Just keep moving forward with confidence.

Clemson just scored again!  …….The Hurricanes haven’t been good since they were in the Big East.

The Georgia Tech win over Florida State was fun.  When FSU lined up for the FG, you could feel that type of ending coming.  It is an example of why we love football so much.

Baylor has fingers crossed on QB Seth Russell’s injury.  A small broken bone in neck, but there is talk he may be back after their bye week.  But it’s a broken neck!  If he can’t return, can Baylor stay in the National Championship hunt?  They face a tough schedule down the stretch.  At Kansas State, TCU, and Oklahoma State while hosting Oklahoma and Texas.

There are rumors around West Virginia and Virginia Tech of bringing in Rich Rodriquez from Arizona.  He just lost at home to an unranked team.  The guy had a good stretch while at WVU and parlayed it into a huge contract from Michigan where he failed.  He’s an overrated coach.  He’d probably prefer to coach in the weak ACC rather than a tough Pac 12 or Big XII though.  WVU would be idiots to move on from Holgerson.

We correctly predicted USC upsetting Utah.  The Utes could run the table, but will likely have no shot at the National Championship simply due to their name.

Redskins had a good comeback victory.  Cousins threw over 300 yards!  Bastards didn’t cover and Cousins still sucks.

Vikings are for real and have two games against the Packers coming.

Cowboys blew the game against the Giants.  No reason for them not to have won that game.  When Romo and Dez are back they will be a tough team to contend with and will likely win the division.

Why are the Chargers not a better team?  Rivers puts up great stats every week, but they don’t translate into wins.  It is their dink and dunk offense.  It takes to many plays to score and allows for a mistake to be made to kill the drive.

Packers play both the Broncos and Panthers in coming weeks!  Exciting stuff!

The Dolphins are back to playing real football and victories are coming easy.  They’re a threat in the AFC.

For those of you who watch the JAX – BUF game on Yahoo received an early morning treat.  Great game!

Monday Night Football

Ravens    +9

Sunday Funday!

We’re rolling.  Good luck!

Early Games

New England    -8

New Orleans    +5

Detroit    +1

Kansas City    -3  (This pick goes against every bit of football knowledge we have, but our system says go with KC, so we’re sticking with the system).

Houston    +4′

Tennessee    +7

Washington    -3′

Cleveland    +6′

4pm – 4:25p games

Oakland    +4

Oak/SD Under 47′

Dallas    +3′

Night Game

Philadelphia    +3

Phi/Car Over 45

College Picks yesterday were 12-5

Yep, we’re good at this.

If you count the Rutgers pick we threw in the comments section, we only went 12-6, though.

We also apologize we didn’t our Jacksonville Jaguars pick out early enough today (last night).  We also would have taken the under.  As of this writing, JAX looks solid, but the under is questionable.

NFL picks coming soon!

Saturday’s Slate

None of these at this time are aggressive plays, but neither are they casual.

Noon    Iowa State    +37′

Noon    Central Florida    +22

1:00pm    Kent State    +14′

1:00pm    Tulane    +24

3:00pm    UMass    +14′

3:30pm    Eastern Mich    +28

3:30pm    Maryland    +7

4:00pm    Vanderbilt    +3

4:00pm    Hawaii    +7

4:30pm    UConn    +13

6:00pm    Florida Intl    +14

7:00pm    Ole Miss    -5

7:00pm    Georgia Tech    +7

7:00pm    UTEP    +5′

7:00pm    San Jose    +7′

7:30pm    Miss St    -11′

7:30pm    USC    -3

10:15pm    Wyoming    +35

We’re keeping an eye on the Stanford and Rutgers.

NFL Picks Recap: 12-6

Yes, 12 – 6.

Incredible week.

We started it off by correctly picking a New Orleans (+4) over Atlanta.  We capped it by correctly picking Philadelphia (-4) to cover against the Giants and Under 51.

Overall, we went 3-2 on Over/Under plays and 10-3 in game spread picks.

For the season, here is our NFL record:

NFL Regular Picks with spread equals 22 – 15 (excludes casual plays)

NFL Casual Picks with spread equals 5 – 3

NFL Overall with spread equals 27-18 (includes both regular and casual plays)

NFL Pool Picks with spread equals 25 – 17 (picks earlier in the week)

You can see how our picks mature from Wednesday’s Pool Picks to game day picks.


Remember that these are our preliminary picks for pools only.  We’ll select true bets closer to game times.

San Francisco    +6′

Jacksonville    +5′

Cleveland    +5′

Pittsburgh    -2

Houston    +4′

New England    -9

Detroit    -2′

Tennessee    +4′

Washington    -3′

New Orleans    +4′

Oakland    +4

New York Giants    -3′

Philadelphia    +3

Baltimore    +7